Spirituality & Science Discussion Group on Zoom

This series features videos from selected doctors, physicists, spiritual teachers, and others, covering subjects such as spirituality, consciousness, and quantum physics. Please join us at 11 AM ET Wednesday for great discussions.

Click at 11 AM ET to join this Zoom Meeting ID:358 407 2821

Women of Wisdom (WOW)

Women of Wisdom (WOW) consists of members and friends who meet on the second Saturday of each month for fellowship, spiritual growth and support. All women are welcome and invited to participate in all activities. See the schedule below for monthly topics.

Save Your Second Saturday

Events are currently at PCAC. Socialization at 9:30 AM. Presentations are at 10:00 AM, wrapped up at 12 noon..

Next Upcoming WOW Event:


7000 Ways to Listen

with Susan Hahn

Schedule of Upcoming Events:

Date Program / Presenters Location Leadership
1-14-20237000 Ways to Listen with Susan HahnPCACSusan Hahn
2-11-2023Vagus Fun Flossie ErnzenPCACAnya Scarborough

Mission Statement

To enrich the lives of all women
by offering diverse paths to life, love, health, and prosperity
through the wisdom of the women within Friends of Unity


  • WOW is a forum for women to share, grow and support one another spiritually through experiential, fun activities.
  • Women of Wisdom share with one another their talents, interests and tools for personal and spiritual growth.
  • WOW welcomes women of all ages, faiths, and cultures, both members and non-members of Friends of Unity.
  • Women of Wisdom desire to grow friendships and build relationships by creating a safe and comfortable space.
  • WOW programs emphasize life experience and insights that are discovered in each of our personal journeys.
  • Each program stands alone, is led by volunteers, and is supported by love offerings (and fees for materials as necessary).