We encourage awakening to the Divine within ourselves, others, and all life.


Together We:

Nurture Spiritual Awakening,

Cultivate Loving Community,

Serve Generously

About Us

Dear Friend.

I call you friend since I imagine if you’ve made it this far on the FoU website you are a spiritual seeker. Whether you are familiar with the Daily Word Magazine and Unity as a worldwide movement (considered  New Thought and non-denominational), or whether you are just wandering through the internet searching for spiritual support in your life, I welcome you. 

I discovered Unity years ago not realizing I was seeking spiritually. I was drawn to a certain energy in friends, those intent on thriving instead of just surviving.  These friends exhibited a lightness of spirit while facing their problems; they knew something that was making a difference in spite of their circumstances. This motivated me to say yes when my husband’s grandmother invited me to a Unity church (a CHURCH!–even this didn’t deter me).  Gran was a motivating force in my life: she’d recovered from influenza (the pandemic of the 1920’s) and her health and physical strength in her 80’s was a testament to the spiritual practices that had helped her overcome diabetes, heart issues, abandonment by her husband, and so much more. I also found in Unity a spiritual teachings and ideas I could apply immediately, and that have changed my life for the better. 

Unity is for spiritual seekers, those intent on living, truly living--and learning, and serving.  Today we can gather in Sunday services across the planet: in person, online Sunday services live streamed, Zoom classes, and more. We are students of spiritual ideas, wisdom teachings from around the world, science, indigenous wisdom, music, art, and nature, but we are also intent on the practical application of all this. Unity lives up to its name with a new thought about the implications of the Christ level of God understanding that is grounded and practical and addresses individual and societal suffering.

Spiritual seekers want to experience healings that free us in body, mind, and spirit. We want to learn the tools and practices that support us to overcome addictions and chronic family dysfunction.  We want to know how to live peace as non-violence. We want to know how to live  love as the great harmonizer; an inclusivity that honors each person as a unique and irreplaceable expression of the divine beyond labels such as color, LGBTQ+, special needs, etc. We maintain that spirituality is an individualized personal experience of evolving spiritual understanding of that which is called God and includes all creation– the earth, the water, the air, and all living creatures and things. 

We at Friends of Unity are studying and discerning what “Unity” and “unity” is, and can be as a community; what it can mean for spiritual growth and collective spiritual evolution.  Friends of Unity is dedicated to expressing our guiding values on behalf of Love, Community, and Service.  At Friends of Unity we strive to ensure each person is well supported with prayer partners, Partners In Believing, prosperity partners, study groups and classes, and experiential learning opportunities that support living life fully and healing at every stage of life. We at FoU are about the work of what is commonly called spiritual social justice through community service and “Families Healing for a Healthy Now”. 

Mother Teresa, when asked where to start, once said, “Start with your family.” It is not uncommon to hear folks say, “I am recovering.”  We’re recovering from our families, who did the best they could with what they had–we’re learning new ways of being! We’re recovering from narrow, rigid, fear based doctrines in all the world’s religions–we’re learning the ever revealing spiritual principles that are our source to thrive! We’re recovering from sickness, impoverishment, and addiction–we’re learning the “Godness” of life is wholeness and does not lack but rather is designed to prosper, grow and thrive as us! We’re recovering from the tyranny of our own thinking–we’re learning we can be prosperous, joyous, and free! We’re not perfect in our expression but we make progress with each other and by learning the helpful tools such as those offered by current spiritual and societal leaders such as Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication. From the youngest to the oldest, we learn and practice “active listening” and forgiveness and kindness as the loving way of living.  

Whether you explore and learn with Friends of Unity for a day, or claim us as your spiritual home base, I bow to that in you which has compelled you to search.   Wherever you are in your seeking friend, we welcome you. I invite you to come learn and serve with us.  



We are affiliated with Unity Worldwide Ministries, the Great Lakes Unity Region.

Our Unity Church serves Plymouth, Canton, Farmington, Garden City, Inkster, Livonia, Milford, Northville, Novi, Redford, Wayne, Westland and Wixom, Michigan areas.