Greetings to seekers and friends, one and all!

Friends of Unity Sunday services are currently available online only.
In-person Sunday service will resume on Sunday, May 9 - Mother's Day - at 10 a.m.

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May 2021
Dear Friend,

May is a month for more progress coming through the pandemic--and for taking next steps into the greater good that is ours to realize. Our body’s ability to take steps may seem second nature to us, however, we all might ask daily, “How do I take steps spiritually to improve my life?” Watchfulness and attentiveness through spiritual practice reveals the most effective steps.  A simple prayer “Reveal to me” opens the discerning eye. 

The simple prayer: “Reveal to me” followed by curious watchfulness may produce new awarenesses at home, work, and beyond. “Reveal to me” may assist in noticing constricted breath, constrictions of worry--and finally we are able to breathe deeper.  “Reveal to me” may open our vision of another, seeing their constrictions and worries, making way for our compassion instead of judgment.  

Friends of Unity is taking the next steps to create an in-person Sunday Gathering planned for May 9th. We are also taking next steps to create an in-depth online Spirit Share Sundays.  I guarantee you, I/we will have many ‘how-to’ questions but our spiritual receptivity prayed as “Reveal to me”, “Reveal to us”, will manifest as the most effective steps. 

Journeying with Love and you,


Next Sunday Service

Join us for 10 AM ET Sunday Service ” The Blessing Way” with Kathy Harwood Long in-person at PCAC, virtually...

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6PM ET Journey to Acceptance Class

Tuesday, May 11 @ 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

New Class Forming – Put the ‘Law of Circulation’ to work FOR YOU!! – JOURNEY TO ACCEPTANCE CLASS. Tuesday nights...

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10 AM ET Spiritual Exploration Group Copy

Wednesday, May 12 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

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wave of change

In February 2020 we began a process of listening and discernment. Listening for abiding values, discerning our evolutionary edge. Now, we rise again to listen and discern. Whether you are new or a long-time friend of FoU, you are invited.

Event 1: Saturday May 15, 10-11 a.m. ET in Zoom.  ID 358 407 2821

Rev. Tracy will lead this event for the purpose of reviewing our February 2020 session. We want to ‘fan’ the spark of our enthusiasm as we look at our Wave of Change and the current insights.

Event 2: Sunday May 23, 1-3p.m. ET in Zoom. ID 358 407 2821

This highly interactive session gives everyone a chance to speak to the deeper meaning of words that ‘point to’ our values.  Zoom breakout rooms allow for groups to hear questions designed to explore our values as a community, and the way we want them to guide our vision and purpose as we journey into the future.