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Friends of Unity Sunday services are in-person and online Sundays at 10 a.m.

Effective August 15: Friends of Unity recommends the use of masks

at in-person Sunday gatherings.

polly dosier

The Prayer Formula

with Rev. Polly C. Dozier

Prayer is critical to our well-being. In these historic times with unexpected events occurring almost daily, most of us are anxious and overwhelmed. We need a guide to help us!  The Prayer Formula is such a guide. As a daily practice, it stabilizes our consciousness and lifts us beyond the constant occurrences which challenge us. Knowing that our will is expressed by the thoughts we choose, we can change our life journey by consciously choosing certain thought-prayers which are then activated by the higher energy. Learn the five steps of the prayer formula!

The Five Steps of the Prayer Formula:

1. GIVE THANKS - Discover why this is the key to spiritual growth!

2. RELEASE - Forgive yourself and others!

3. COMMIT - Use the power of intention to focus on your desire to experience all the love of God in the form of what you want in life!

4. ACCEPT - Actually feeling the acceptance of your desired good into your being.!

5. CELEBRATE - However you feel called to…..jump, dance, demonstrate your joy!

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