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We recommend wearing masks at in-person gatherings.

Join us in an affirmative consciousness:

“Stewards for a healthy now, and a healthy future, we affirm Divine Life and support our common good.”

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Young Friends and Families-First Sundays

Sunday, December 5 @ 10:00 am - 11:15 am

First Sundays in-person at 10 AM at PCAC in Plymouth is an introduction of the 12 Power of the month,...

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First Sundays with the Teens

Sunday, December 5 @ 10:00 am - 11:15 am

Rev. Matthew Long serves as a spiritual mentor present in the lives of our teens, fostering relationship and safety to explore...

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thanksgiving sliver

Thanksgiving Grace

I have a favored memory of Thanksgiving from my childhood when someone shared grace before our meal. Grace was a prayer, a blessing of the food with our gratitude for each other and that which we call God. I didn’t understand what was called God but I was influenced by those few quiet moments of the family gathered round the table, sharing the grace. My family never regathered for Thanksgiving after that precious experience; my parents’ challenges led to divorce. Years later, though, on Thanksgiving with my husband’s family, I was delighted to hear someone ask: who will share the grace?

Like many families, I gather this Thanksgiving in person, and in Zoom, and we will share the grace. Across this country many won’t gather for Thanksgiving, or Christmas, due to the pandemic. Again. For those that gather, some will be masked. Some won’t. Some will be vaccinated. Some won’t. What will help us during this challenging time of such diverse approaches to living, beliefs, and opinions? I imagine that grace, greater than but present in words of prayer and gratitude, can be for us a balm of benevolence. Grace expressing equally with all, and for all, soothing and comforting. Grace emanates from an inner wealth of Divine Love which motivates generosity in the midst of life’s challenges and joys.  Dear Friends, may we intentionally share grace this Thanksgiving, and every day.

Love, Kathy