Friends of Unity Mission

Together We:

     Nurture Spiritual Awakening,

     Cultivate Loving Community,

     Serve Generously

Friends of Unity Vision

Transforming Lives Through Divine Love

Friends of Unity Guiding Values

Our guiding values for creating deep spiritual community and belonging. We:

  •      Encourage awakening to the Divine within ourselves, others, and all life.
  •      Foster individual spiritual growth and collective spiritual evolution.
  •      Honor each person as an irreplaceable and unique expression of the Divine.
  •      Care for others at every stage of life with love, authenticity, and joy.

Commitment to Spiritual Social Action

Friends of Unity provides ongoing financial and practical support to the larger
community in which we each live. Themes that guide our selection of recipients are:
serving the homeless, the hungry, the illiterate, and animal shelters. We also participate
in community activities such as spring and fall yard cleanup for seniors and preparing
food distribution for Open Door Ministries. Our service extends across the globe as
members work together to create a more just world.

Young Friends & Families

At Friends of Unity, we celebrate our young friends and the vital role of the family.
Young ones of all ages are always welcome in our service. In addition, we invite you to
visit the Families tab to learn more about our resources and vision for young friends and

Creativity & Music

Friends of Unity celebrates the role of art and music in our lives, both individually and as
a community. We are grateful for the dynamic art displays at the Plymouth Community
Arts Council building, where we meet on Sundays as well as the uplifting gift of positive
music at our weekly services.