Sunday Service "I release and I receive Unlimited & Unfailing Goodness" with Kathy Harwood Long

Sunday, December 31 @ 10:00 am - 11:15 am

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I release and I receive UNLIMITED & UNFAILING GOODNESS. Untangle the good and the bad, the successes and failures—the energy of the past. Watch the transformative process mirrored in Unity’s Phoenix Fire ceremony. 

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Join us in person at Plymouth Community Arts Council, live on Facebook, and on our website.

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About Us

We at Friends of Unity are studying and discerning what Unity and unity is, and can be, as a community; what it can mean to be a hub of consciousness for spiritual growth and collective spiritual evolution. Friends of Unity is dedicated to expressing our guiding values on behalf of Love, Community, and Service. At Friends of Unity we strive to ensure each person is well supported with prayer partners, prosperity partners,  and classes that support living life fully, and healing. We at FoU are about the work to simply be kinder than necessary.

Every Sunday, our 10 AM ET service includes Unity’s Daily Word, a lesson on spiritual principles, and an inspiring meditation.

We meet in person at Plymouth Community Arts Council, 774 N Sheldon Road, Plymouth, MI


Supported by donations/love offering.


Kathy Harwood Long


Friends of Unity @ PCAC, & this website
In person @ PCAC, 774 N. Sheldon, Plymouth