10 AM ET The Grandmothers Speak and the Web of Light

Saturday, April 10 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am

Net Of Light

Saturday, April 10, 10:00 – 11:30 AM ET, Women of Wisdom presents
Guest Presenter: Susan Alexander, Beacon of Light

In 1996 Sharon McErlane, while walking her dog early one morning, was suddenly surrounded by a group of grandmotherly-looking older women who appeared, as if out of thin air! They spoke to her: “We are the Great Council of the Grandmothers.” For too long Yang or masculine energy, has dominated life on earth… We have come to restore Yin to full beauty/power and return the world to balance. “We are calling you to this work,” they said.

Sharon said “yes” to this invitation by the Divine Presence as represented by the Great Council of Grandmothers, and began her spiritual journey with the Grandmothers. Out of this came her work with the Net of Light.

The Net of Light,” the Grandmothers say, “supports everything in the Universe and will hold the earth steady during the times of change that are upon you now. Work with the radiant Net,” they urge, “to support life.”

Our guest speaker, Susan Alexander, also said ‘yes’ to the invitation. Please join us as she shares her journey with the Grandmothers and her work with the Net of Light, as well as a chance to join her in a Net of Light meditation.

The meeting is on Zoom (zoom.us, meeting ID # 358 407 2821). Click at 10 AM to join the WOW meeting.

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Net of Light organization website: netoflight.org
Susan’s e-mail:sea.netoflight@gmail.com