Special Guest, Winalee Zeeb

Sunday, September 26 @ 10:00 am - 11:15 am


Friends of Unity welcomes Special Guest, Winalee Zeeb
Emergence: new voices, new and familiar music!
Sharing dance! & music by her personal friends: 
Karen Drucker, Faith Rivera & Jana Stanfield

About Winalee Zeeb

Winalee Zeeb thrives on sharing the joy of movement as well as her playful philosophies for balance and wellness with others. With over 40 years of teaching experience in the fitness and wellness industry, Winalee actively and eagerly teaches mind☯body wellness.

In Jan. of 2000, she initiated her business named Heartdance, for teaching Nia, Yoga Play, speaking and singing engagements. In Feb. of 2009, she opened the doors to her dream – “Heartdance Studio.”

She holds a BA from MSU and her teaching certifications include: Nia Second Degree Black Belt, Nia White Belt, Green Belt, Blue & Brown Belt Trainer(and is currently finalizing her apprenticeship to train the Nia Black Belt), Yoga for Health Instructor, & MELT Method Hand & Foot Technique Teacher. She has presented classes, playshops (i.e. workshops), and trainings nationally and internationally.

Winalee shares her passion for life through motivational speaking and singing. Her writing entitled “Lessons Learned from Dolphins” has been published in a book called Wise Women Speak. She has produced a yoga video entitled ‘Yoga Play’ and has recorded a vocal cd ‘Expanding Heartsongs.’ Her nickname is Dolphinalee as dolphins have been her lifelong friends and teachers reminding her to ‘lighten up!’ in life!


Kathy Harwood Long



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