7 PM Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Thursday, November 5 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm


7 PM SOMEWHERE, OVER THE RAINBOW examines the Wizard of Oz as a Parable for the Spiritual Journey with Susan Hahn.

As a child, I remember my friends and I excitedly waiting for the Wizard of Oz to be shown on TV. We would root for Dorothy, scream at the flying monkeys, and, for a little while, be fully drawn into the magical world of Oz. As I grew older and became more conscious in my spiritual journey, I began to realize that the characters in the Wizard of Oz could be taken at more than face value and that Dorothy’s journey, along the yellow brick road, was also a spiritual journey.

Please join us for three Thursday evenings in November as we explore the Wizard of Oz from a metaphysical, spiritual viewpoint.

November 5: Toto, I Don’t Think We Aren’t in Kansas, Anymore!
November 12: Road Trip! Emerald City, Here We Come!
November 19: On the Road Again, the Quest

We will meet in ZOOM (how magical!) 7:00 to 8:00 PM EST using our Friends of Unity Zoom Room (zoom.us and add ID 358 407 2821).

Questions? Click for a flyer or contact Friends of Unity at info@friendsofunity.org or 734-224-LOVE