7 PM ET/6PM CST One Step at a Time with Mike McCord – Live Event in Facebook

Wednesday, January 27 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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Live Event – One Step at a Time: Reclaim Your Right to Health and Happiness
with Mike McCord, Acclaimed Author and Kathy Harwood Long, Senior Minister at Friends of Unity

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Sometimes the obstacles in life may seem overwhelming. At such times, it is not uncommon to ask, “Why me God? What have I done to deserve this?” It is easy to feel helpless. But through this event and its associated course, students will learn how to navigate the obstacles in life, the secret science behind healing, and the keys to wholeness. We are not victims of the whimsies in life. Rather, we are in control of every situation as Christ conscious beings.

From quadriplegic with a 10% chance of ever walking again, to job loss and divorce, to climbing the highest mountain in Colorado, Mike demonstrated the power that each of us possesses to manifest their destiny. The truths he learned opened, ever so slightly, the veil between reality as we know it and a much greater beyond.

As Gregory Barrette, Unity Minister and former vice president of the International New Thought Alliance wrote:

“Mike McCord’s story is the triumphant overcoming, against all odds, of numerous setbacks, any one of which would have stopped a lesser spirit. He stands as an inspiration to the rest of us who have dealt with only a fraction of the adversity over which he has been victorious. I count him as a role model and a friend. Read his story and let him lift you up.”

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Born and raised in Nebraska, Mike is a resident of Olathe, Kansas. He has sons Sean and Ryan. He received a Master of Business Administration degree from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Mike is recently retired following a career in urban redevelopment, real estate lending, environmental management, and commercial property appraising.

• EarthCare Connections newsletter, Editor.
• One Step at a Time, Memoir of a Former Quadriplegic, 2014. (Students interested in Mike McCord’s book can find it here on Amazon.)

This event is co-sponsored by Friends of Unity and Unity of Overland Park and supported by a love offering.





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