11:15 AM Annual Meeting

Sunday, October 18 @ 11:15 am - 12:15 pm

Join us for the Annual Meeting following the Sunday Service on October 18th.

A Message from Kathy Long, Senior Minister:

We are adapting and evolving.  Love is leading us. Wisdom is guiding. Now we are increasingly ready to serve and create deep spiritual community, not just in person but also virtually, and in collaboration with other communities….I believe our rather unconventional way as a spiritual community is our genius for this unprecedented time and the next decade. More a spiritual community than a church, students of Unity and beyond, we are poised to share our spiritual way of living with many while still remembering you, dear friend. Read more.

A Message from Vic Huber, Board President:

Without knowledge of the vagaries of the future, we the Board of Trustees have viewed that future as one in which Friends of Unity will continue our presence in the digital realms as well as live in the PCAC.  Toward that future your Board of Trustees along with Gail Parker, Sherry Wells, and Phil Ernzen have worked tirelessly for some time exploring how the on-air service can become better.  We are researching some equipment that will make our presence online look more polished.  Not knowing how this pandemic will shape the future, we are preparing for the event that we cannot continue services in person and can effortlessly move to the digital Realm. Read more.

A Message from Phil Ernzen, Board Treasurer:

Friends of Unity’s financial situation has withstood the effects of the changing operating environment since March of 2020 remarkably well. Your Board continues to examine spending closely, and will respond and adjust as situations warrant….All of us at Friends of Unity are so grateful for the ongoing financial support from our growing Spiritual Community. Read more.

Click for a Message from the Nominating Team. Read the bios of the Nominees for the Board.

We will be voting on proposed changes to the Bylaws. Click here for more information.


Friends of Unity@PCAC/Zoom
774 N. Sheldon Rd., Plymouth