10 AM Women of Wisdom “Power of 8” with Anya Scarborough

Saturday, February 13 @ 10:00 am - 11:30 am


Women of Wisdom presents “Power of 8” with Anya Scarborough.

Spiritually the number 8 represents Infinity and everything good in the universe which is infinite, such as infinite love, infinite supply, infinite energy, infinite time. Learn more about the power of 8. The meeting is on Zoom. Click at 10 AM to join the WOW meeting.

Hope you can join us for a fun and enlightening wow event! We will be exploring the book “The Power of Eight” by Lynne McTaggart. She has devoted her life and studies to the power of intention which has resulted in Power of Eight groups which many of u may have experienced or know of.

We will learn about her findings and practice skills related to fine tuning our capacity to focus our intention and attention.

We will need a few folks to volunteer to be the focus of intention. So please come with a health concern or other life challenge that the group can place our intention on. (Yes, this works well remotely and in person.)

My hope is to create an ongoing Power of Eight group for our community with your interest and support.

Can’t wait to see you in the zoom room!

Click here for a flyer to share.

About Women of Wisdom:  Women of Wisdom (WOW) is a forum for women to share, grow and support one another spiritually through experiential, fun activities. Women of Wisdom share with one another their talents, interests, and tools for personal and spiritual growth.