11:15 AM ET First Peace Meditation

Sunday, July 4 @ 11:15 am - 11:45 am

Peace Candle

11:15 AM ET First Peace Meditation following the Sunday Service.

We gather together in meditation to consciously connect with the center of our being, to rest in love, harmony, first peace.

Because we are all connected on this deep level, by resting in first peace, vibrating with the love and harmony at the center of all creation, we can help the vibration of love and first peace spread and resonate in all beings in our communities and around the world

“First Peace” meditation gatherings will meet in the kinship circle on Zoom and come together in in-person pods (where 2 or more physically gather together)  the first Saturday of every month. The meditation will include a short guided meditation and time in the Silence.

Meeting on zoom.us Meeting ID 358 407 2821


774 N. Sheldon Rd, Plymouth