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What We Believe




Friends of Unity is a diverse, dynamic spiritual community, expressing unconditional love and acceptance.  We offer a simple, affirmative approach to life that is both practical and uplifting.

We offer spiritual tools rather than rules.  We will support you as you explore your spirituality and practice applying these insights in your daily life.

We are devoted to understanding universal spiritual principles.  Our services and activities incorporate opportunities for prayer, meditation, and exploration of spiritual ideas.  We do not call ourselves a church, but rather a spiritual community.


Friends of Unity provides ongoing financial and practical support to the larger community in which we all live.  In addition to tithing regularly to the Unity movement (which includes Silent Unity, Daily Word, and Unity Worldwide Ministries), we generously support local organizations that provide services to those in need.  Themes that guide our selection of recipients are serving the homeless, the hungry, the illiterate, and children with special needs.  

We also participate in community activities such as spring and fall yard cleanup for seniors and preparing food distribution for Open Door Ministries.
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