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Welcome to Friends of Unity!



Friends of Unity is an inclusive spiritual community that welcomes people of all faiths and background.  We honor and draw from the teachings and paths of all spiritual masters.  We are a diverse, dynamic, joy-filled spiritual community, open, positive, accepting, and non-dogmatic.   

We are part of Unity Worldwide Ministries.  Unity is a way of life that takes us on a spiritual adventure to the very source of our being. It calls us to understand our spiritual nature, our true relationship with The One Presence, and to live from that awareness.

We love and support all who join us on their Spiritual path.  We enjoy a simple, affirmative approach to life that is both practical and enriching. We offer spiritual tools rather than rules.
Our services and activities incorporate opportunities for prayer, meditation and exploration of spiritual ideas, supported by uplifting "Positive" music. Our services are every Sunday at 10:00 a.m. at the Plymouth Community Arts Council. For more information, you may contact me at or through the Contact Us page.
We warmly invite you to join us.
Reverend Florence Ernzen



Overheard on Sunday, June 11, 2017

Wrapping Up Contentment


I let my innate joy bubble forth to bless and harmonize.

Daily Word June 10, 2017


Dear Friends,

This Sunday morning, we completed our short series on Cultivating Contentment as a spiritual practice. Some would find the best way to cultivate contentment would be to stop coveting, having expectations or making comparisons. Others would find an attitude shift helpful – being optimistic or humble or rejoicing in another person’s happiness. Some would cultivate contentment through a classic practice such as meditation and contemplative prayer.

What science is now teaching us that we can reprogram our brain so that we more easily and quickly feel contented. Rick Hanson speaks of this in his book, Buddha’s Brain. He encourages practices that create new neural pathways in your brain, release dopamine and stimulate oxytocin to deepen your connection.

Three Easy Steps:

1.    Turn positive facts into positive experiences. Actively look for “good news.” Bring mindful awareness to whatever positive facts you find.

2.    Savor the experience. It’s delicious! Stay with it as long as you can. Make it last 5, 10, even 20 seconds. The longer we hold it in our awareness, the more neurons will fire together and wire together.

3.    Imagine or feel the experience entering deeply into your mind and body. Like the sun’s warmth on a T-shirt or water into a sponge. Keep relaxing your body and absorbing the emotions, sensations and thoughts of the experience.


Wrap yourself in contentment. Consider the “everyday” blessings of your life, pressed down, heaped up and overflowing, running over into your lap.





                                                                                      Rev. Flossie Ernzen 



Sunday, June 4:  We continued our Sunday lesson series on "Cultivating contentment" with "Have a non-judgment day
Sunday, June 11:  We continue our Sunday lesson series on "Cultivating contentment" with "Taking in the good"

Sunday, June 18:  We will have Tom LaGoe as our Guest Speaker

Sunday, June 25:  We will have Carole Mullins as our Guest Speaker

Sunday, July 2:  Our fourth of July service let by Rev. Flossie



We are reading and discussing the book "No ordinary time" by Jan Phillips.

The next meeting will be on Monday, July 3.

All are welcome, 7 pm at the Ernzen home.
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Sunday Service: Guest Speaker Rev. Carole Mullins
PCAC 774 N. Sheldon Rd. Plymouth
Sunday Service
PCAC 774 N. Sheldon Rd. Plymouth
Sunday Service
PCAC 774 N. Sheldon Rd. Plymouth
Sunday Service
PCAC 774 N. Sheldon Rd. Plymouth
Sunday Service
PCAC 774 N. Sheldon Rd. Plymouth
Sunday Service
PCAC 774 N. Sheldon Rd. Plymouth
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